Does Acupuncture Work? Our Testimonials

I would like to think that we all know “the struggle is real” at times, and it can deplete us or our energy, hope, and all the light around us. My husband and I were on a wild fertility journey with no concrete reason for why things weren’t working out in our favor. Long story short, Shelby with Common Ground Wellness not only rekindled my joy but she brought years of experience, knowledge and comfort into each one of my appointments with her. Since my journey was not something I was ready to share with my family and friends at the time, I was beyond grateful to find out that her services went well beyond traditional acupuncture and supplements. Yes, she checked those boxes but she was also an additional support system both emotionally and logistically during that trying time. Fertility in my experience can be a fickle thing and the value and comfort that Shelby provided was incomparable to anything else. If you have an open mind and are interested in an alternative method or are seeking to complement conventional medicine (like I did) with your fertility journey I encourage you to reach out to Common Ground Wellness.


I saw Shelby for fertility acupuncture for many months during our journey to conceive. I had read a lot of things about acupuncture and was a little skeptical but I thought I would try it. It was even more and better than I expected! I not only felt better physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Shelby listened and gave me neutral advice, she is extremely knowledgeable, especially with infertility and the treatment process. It really helped to have her to talk to, as a lot of people going through that process don’t have anyone, or anyone that understands it. She was therapeutic and I looked forward to seeing her. She eased my mind and after my treatment I always felt a sense of peace and calm. I am truly thankful for everything she provided through our infertility journey and highly recommend her!


I struggled with infertility (PCOS) & was ready to try a new approach after more than a year of fertility drugs. I had very little experience with acupuncture so I was anxious & slightly skeptical, but I was honestly blown away with the care I received at Common Ground. Shelby was knowledgeable & thorough, and she communicated better than any healthcare provider I’ve ever seen. I left each visit feeling relaxed, refreshed, and confident that we were making progress. I was grateful for how willing she was to modify our plan to accommodate my budget, and I think her combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine helped me get pregnant on my first attempt with IUI. My husband & I have been blessed with three beautiful boys (now 9 months old), and Shelby played a key role in bringing them to us. I HIGHLY recommend that you give this approach a try– she is truly incredible!


I have been treated for headaches for over four years but have not been able to overcome the every three-day ordeal. Shelby VanCleve has been able to control not only my headaches but other pains in my neck, arms, and legs. She has been a blessing to me because she restored the quality of life I had hoped for in my retirement.


Louisville Acupuncture Clinic has helped me to live a wellness lifestyle. The acupuncture, along with the massage and chiropractic offered, help me to function at my peak potential! The setting was calming and peaceful. I recommend their services to anyone looking to reclaim their life and live well!


I found Shelby after months of struggling to improve my health. When traditional medicine has not offered real solutions, Shelby has. I am sleeping peacefully after years of insomnia. My energy levels are getting better every week and I am finally hopeful that I can get back to enjoying activities that add fun to life. Shelby offers professional compassion and natural health solutions that heal, allowing life to flow naturally as God designed.


“Shelby has been working on my left knee for three weeks and has lessened the pain considerably. Also, I have some arthritis in the left hand and the pain is all but gone just from two sessions of acupuncture. It is amazing! Thanks, Shelby


Shelby’s knowledge of the body and her authentic desire to help clients become healthy is phenomenal. She successfully treated my TMJ condition and rid me of pain along with various other symptoms. I cannot say enough good about Shelby and her services. It was my first experience with acupuncture and I did not know what to expect. She immediately put me at ease. The improvement was realized during each session. I highly recommend Shelby and this type of healing modality.


I am currently receiving treatment at the Louisville Acupuncture Clinic. I have had Fibromyalgia for years with many different treatments including medication which has no significant effect. I have back pain, allergies poor sleep and other problems. The loss of flexibility has been very incapacitating, to say the least. I have received 2 treatments so far and I am able to tell that there is a significant improvement. I have much more flexibility in my back and neck area and my allergies do not seem to be bothering me and this is usually a very bad time for allergies. I would definitely recommend treatment for anyone who has given up on getting any help. Shelby is very professional and very thorough. I am so blessed to have found her.

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Shelby is a great acupuncturist and a genuinely good person. She is easy to talk to and you can tell immediately that she really cares for her patients. Not all acupuncturist are the same some are bad, while others are good, Shelby is great. Anyone that doesn’t partake in her sessions misses out on all of the extra knowledge and training that she possesses. Her sessions aren’t just acupuncture it’s much more that encompasses spiritual healing and all culminates into a unique experience.


I don’t know where to start with this testimony. Common Ground Wellness was found based on a google search and it was the best decision that I’ve made in my journey to becoming a Mom. Shelby is the best therapist in acupuncture, she was very supportive, encouraging, informative and truly inspirational. Shelby has mastered her craft and everything that she said would happen did indeed happen including getting pregnant. I’ve struggle with getting pregnant and I would highly recommend acupuncture and Common Ground Wellness for those women that are having issues with ovulation and assisting with pregnancy. It works!