Telehealth for Acupuncture Patients

Are you curious about acupuncture but not sure if it is the right fit for you? 

Do you want to know if you would be a good candidate for treatment prior to committing to an acupuncture session? 

Do you have a health issue that is decreasing your quality of life and want professional advice on what you can do for yourself and what treatment modalities are best suited for your situation? 

Are you struggling to get pregnant and want help making sense of all the recommendations you find on the internet?

Are you a new mother, isolated at home, and need help and support as you navigate all the choices you are presented with as a mom?

Are you in pain and feel hopeless to help yourself?

All of these reasons and more are perfect for a telehealth visit with one of our acupuncturists. In fact, in light of the lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic, we have transitioned most of our new patient appointments to a telehealth platform. Once we establish you as a patient by completing your Initial Intake and Health History, you can get to work on the things you can do to help yourself in addition to coming in for acupuncture treatment. This also keeps everyone more safe, as we can get a thorough screening and eliminate unnecessary office visits in favor for highly focused, effective treatment.

Telehealth for New Patients

For new patients, once you book your Initial Telehealth Visit, you will receive a link to complete your health history online. Once completed, your practitioner will review all your information prior to your scheduled video consult. If you book online, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. If you book via one of our practitioners (over the phone or via email), we will confirm credit card information at the beginning of your telehealth session. We use a HIPPA secure platform for our video sessions that you can logon to through your patient portal, by following a link sent to you via email.

When it is time for your session, we will connect virtually for one hour (or 1.5 hours for fertility patients) and discuss all aspects of your health and wellness. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions while we gather all the necessary information to make a complete diagnosis and treatment plan. A few days to a week after our initial conversation, we will most likely meet virtually once more to go over your treatment plan. Your treatment plan will consist of: your Chinese Medicine diagnosis, recommendations in terms of diet, lifestyle, self care, and referrals within the community, herb and supplement recommendations, and a treatment frequency recommendation. Once we have a plan, we can get you scheduled for a series of acupuncture treatment.

When you schedule a visit, it is not just a telemedicine visit. We are providing access to our years of expertise helping hundreds of patients practicing as licensed acupuncturists. Our patients are finding these visits to be beneficial and are happy to get the help they need. We will give you advice based on your specific situation, so that you can get answers to help you with your biggest health concerns right now. Now is a good time to slow down enough to focus on your own health. Remember–If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything!

Telehealth for Established Patients

Acupuncture is but one part of the vast and ancient system of Chinese Medicine. In addition, most acupuncturists, ourselves included, are very knowledgeable in western herbs and other alternative therapies that we use in conjunction with our Eastern Medical training. In our telehealth sessions, we check in on treatment progression and other health concerns that have arisen. We discuss diet, including what to eat and what not to eat, and share recipes. We look at self care techniques such as abdominal massage, at home moxibustion, guided meditations, castor oil packs, natural skin care, yoga, creative endeavors, etc. We check in on your herb and supplement regimen. We make sure you know when to seek professional western medical care. And last but not least, we make sure all your questions are answered and you feel more calm moving forward in this chaotic time. 

During the coronavirus lockdown, we had to transition completely to telehealth. And although it was quite a shift from in person treatments, most patients found great benefit from our virtual time together. Now as we adjust to our ‘new normal’, utilizing telehealth is a safe and effective adjunct to in-person treatment, especially if you have a lot of questions about your condition, are in the vulnerable population, or are just feeling overwhelmed and isolated by everything that is going on. We are here to help!

Schedule Your Telehealth Session

Our new patient availability is very limited at this time, so you may want to call the office to inquire, especially if you do not see any availability in the online scheduling tool.

You can access our online scheduling tool HERE. Our telehealth offerings will show up at the top of our list of services. Depending on whether you are new or established, a fertility patient or pregnant woman, you will select your corresponding session type. Once booked, you will receive email confirmation, with a link to any paperwork that needs to be completed. And of course, you can always reach out with questions and concerns by calling the office at 502.882.0545 or emailing us at