Inspired 10 Day Cleanse

September 18th-27th, 2023

It’s that time of year again, folks! Right now the farmer’s markets are full of bounty from the summer harvest. Let’s take advantage of all that colorful goodness by learning new recipes for integrating whole foods into our daily life!
Are you ready to purge that summer build up and prepare for the cooler weather?

We will be offering this cleanse IN PERSON for the first time since the pandemic! I am so excited to back in community with all of you!

What should I be eating? What should I not be eating? How can I use food and lifestyle choices to feel better? All this is overwhelming… how do I know what is most important?

All these questions and more will be addressed at our Cleanse Orientation workshop. The orientation will be offered Sunday September 10th from 1-3pm at Common Ground Wellness. During this 2 hour meeting you will get to taste test recipes and learn all the nuts and bolts of the 10 day cleanse, as well as meet your fellow cleansers.

This cleanse is NOT about starving, eating weird and unusual things, or following an all liquid diet. It IS about learning how to use food to feel better, changing daily habits that will truly effect long term health, and jump starting your system to increase metabolism.

I suggest you give yourself a full week to plan, get organized, and purge your kitchen of those unhealthy foods. This is why we hold the cleanse meeting a full week before the actual cleanse starts. At that point, you will be ready for ten days of delicious food, new lifestyle habits, and better mood and energy. Yes, of course it will be challenging. But the rewards are limitless!

Cleanse Package Includes

• Digital copy of the fully updated for 2023 Cleanse Manual with information on how and why to cleanse, recipes, menu plans, shopping lists, PLUS cleanse approved restaurant items and convenience foods for a busy lifestyle. Hard copies will be available for an additional $20

• In person cleanse meeting Sunday September 10th from 1-3p

• Access to our private Facebook group for discussion

• Daily emails through the entire 10 days to keep you inspired and on track

Course registration can be found HERE

(Scroll down to Inspired Cleanse and select either ‘New Cleanser’ or ‘Repeat Cleanser’. Add in the ‘Notes’ section of the appointment if you would like a hard copy of the manual)

New Cleanser $220

Repeat Cleanser $110