How long is an acupuncture session? What to know before your first acupuncture treatment?

Many clients ask us how long does an acupuncture session last?  At Common Ground Wellness Louisville Acupuncture Clinic, the first acupuncture session lasts 90 minutes.  How long the acupuncture session lasts is broken into two parts.

During the first acupuncture session, a licensed, skilled acupuncturist will discuss your health history and current complaints that you are seeking acupuncture treatment for.  This first half of the acupuncture session involves about 45 minutes of discussion to prepare a treatment plan to achieve results.

After your acupuncturist has evaluated your needs and discussed your health, the second half of the initial acupuncture session lasts about 45 minutes.  The practitioner will go over diagnostic procedures such as tongue and pulse diagnosis before beginning acupuncture treatment.

How long is a typical acupuncture session?

Once your Common Ground Wellness practitioner has created a care plan for your acupuncture treatment, your subsequent acupuncture sessions will not require the same amount of time.  How long an acupuncture session is for subsequent treatments will depend on your needs, but typically lasts about 60 minutes which includes a short health discussion before treatment.

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