What to Expect – Acupuncture in Louisville, Kentucky

Acupuncture in Louisville, Kentucky - Comfortable and SafeFirst of all, relax! It’s not as scary as you may think. Many people are nervous when they arrive for their first acupuncture treatment. The acupuncture needles are virtually painless and we am quite good at putting you at ease and making sure you are comfortable and feel safe. We will explain to you what we will be doing, how it feels, and will needle ourselves to show you exactly what to expect. Any and all questions are answered before we move forward.

It is important to fill out the new patient paperwork prior to your scheduled appointment time. When you arrive, we will review it before calling you back for your initial consult. The first treatment, we spend the bulk of our time talking about your complaints and taking a detailed intake of your health status and history. During this process, we may perform any number of diagnostic tests which include palpation of different areas of your body, taking your pulse, and observing the color and shape of you tongue. After gathering all the pertinent information, we will proceed with your treatment.

We will ask you to lie on the treatment table. If we will need to gain access to any areas that are covered in clothing, we will have you remove them and will provide items to drape yourself with. we may begin by applying certain therapeutic essential oils to your skin and/or light massage. After inserting the acupuncture needles, we will leave the room and allow you to rest. If at any time, you are uncomfortable, you will be able to call for us.

Your comfort is of utmost importance!


After returning to the room, we will remove the needles and may follow with essential oils and/or massage. Then you will be allowed to gather your things and reenter your daily life with a more clear sense of well-being.